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Congress 2015 UPDATE



The ONS Congress 2015 is a wrap! Celebrating 40 years of Congress 3100 oncology nurses attended the sessions in Orlando, Florida at the end of April. Our SIG was very present and the conference was a success. The Spiritual Care SIG sponsored a Dedication of Hands ceremony just before the opening ceremony of Congress. We also had a SIG poster with spiritual care activities present at the poster for an interactive experience. At the SIG meeting we provided CNE with a lecture on Healing Through Spirituality, that discussed the different ways spiritual care can be provided to our patients. The slides from this lecture can be found on the link below. We are also excited about new ideas we are receiving and the response to these ideas. Stay tuned for more information!

Additionally, we would like to congratulate BJ Lee-Petersen as she has been elected SIG coordinator elect. She will take over the coordinator role at the end of Congress 2016. Welcome, BJ!

Jill Burleson
Spiritual Care SIG Coordinator


Healing Through Spirituality Slides